Team Hill

Penny Hill

Name: Penny Hill

Age: 45
Number of years riding: Far too many!!

Penny has been riding since she was a little girl. She started working with horses straight from school, and over the years has worked with many top horses, riders and trainers. Her passion is in coaching- not just the human athlete but the equine athlete too. She excels with the problem horse and spends a lot of time assessing situations to find the best possible outcome. Her aim is still to compete to the highest standard possible, and pass her knowledge onto the future generation of riders and horses.

John Hill

Name: John Hill

Age: Too rude to say!

John was riding before he was born, and was race riding by the age of 14. Having ridden in many famous races his career as a jockey ended abruptly with an accident that left him with a broken back. He turned to the family profession of builders and over the years has set up his own successful business. His love of horses has never left him and he is still occasionally seen riding and even out hunting. He is joint organiser of Borde Hill Horse Trials and runs his own shoot locally.

Kassie Hill

Name: Kassie Hill

Age: 25

Kassie is Penny’s step daughter and a proud member of Team Hill. Kass works at Cliffe equine and is progressing very well on her road to a great career.

Charlotte Dupey

Name: Charlotte Dupey

Age: 24

Charlotte Dupey, of Newport, who currently competes at newcomer and foxhunter level, has been solidly producing good results in the equestrian world for the last two seasons. Charlotte has been looking for sponsorship, and has been selected from hundreds of riders to be part of a national initiative called Leg Up For Talent, where riders gain sponsors and develop long-lasting relationships with them through social media. We are one of those sponsors and hope we can help her achieve the dreams she has.

Cliffe Veterinary Group

Cliffe Veterinary Group

Team Hill has a strong relationship with Cliffe after 20 years of support from them they have been great and we would greatly recommend them to anyone. Cliffe have dealt with a number of horses and injuries at our yard and have always done a magnificent job.

Hickstead Feeds

Hickstead Feeds

Since using Hickstead feeds our horses have been in tip top condition. Hickstead feeds are a great supplier and have always been helpful and reliable.

Lusteds Feeds

Lusteds Feeds

Lusteads feeds and saddlery are our local feed and saddlery suppliers, great products with a great service.

Toby Martin Contractors

Toby Martin Contractors

Toby Martin has supplied us with hay and straw for a number of years and has always given us the best they can, they are always on call if our muck trailer needs emptying and always have a friendly approach to any job.

Heathfield Osteopaths

Heathfield Osteopaths

Catherine Hearne set up Heathfield Osteopaths in 2003 after graduating in from the British School of Osteopathy in London. She has a special interest in using cranial and visceral (abdominal) techniques as well as a strong traditional structured approach. Cathy is a joy to work with she is always kind and professional. She is always willing to explain and talk about each horse and has very good techniques which never fail to provide results. Cathy is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and is a member of the British Osteopathic Association.


Farriers: Harry Chapman, Andrew Casserly, Jack Henty

We have a few different farriers and all of them will bring a happy vibe to the yard especially when we make them tea, they are all very good at their job and always tend to our horses with a great attitude. Each of our farriers know the horses well and know the way each needs to be shod.